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Treatments and Recovery

HSI provides the following trauma informed, co-occurring disorder and primary treatment services:

Assessment and Referral:

Assessments are available to screen for substance abuse and determine the appropriate level of care.  Referrals are offered to appropriate services after identifying each client's individual needs.


Adult Short Term Residential (Inpatient) Treatment:

Specifically addresses treatment in our residential facility at 419 West 25th Street in Alliance.  Length of stay in residential treatment is determined through individual needs based on accepted ASAM level of care criteria.


Step Down Program - Adults and Adolescents

Provides an individualized intensive outpatient program for those who require a less structured level of care.


Outpatient Program

This program is a holistic rehabilitation program for those who have had or are presently experiencing difficulties related to substance abuse/addiction/lifestyle problems.


Family Program

Designed for significant others, family members, and clients to provide a stable basis for family rebuilding.  This may be a separate program or combined with primary programs.


Transitional Living Program

The intent of this program is to provide a structured living environment as an alternative to legal confinement while awaiting placement in another facility, or to provide a transitional living situation and safety during times of high relapse risk until other resources can be put into place.  This program may be utilized for up to a year.


Community Support Program

This program was established for individuals who have completed a primary treatment program and are ready to begin living successfully within their community. At Human Services, Inc. we recognize that treatment is just the beginning of a new lifestyle. Successful community living involves numerous skills and abilities, which can be lost while under the grip of addiction. This program assists individuals to re-acquire those lost skills.  

Additional Services:

24 Hour Crisis Line
Community Development




4 Star Rating

"My experience went very well, staff was courteous and well informed. Friendly and fair. Treatment was highly educational and dove into care issues. I like the structure and balance of the daily agenda and expectations. The standard is high but well worth meeting and exceeding."


5 Star Rating

"The staff here all have different personalities and roles to play. Each of them are very knowledgeable and dedicated to the well being and recovery of everyone that comes through the doors. This is not a cookie cutter treatment facility. They got down to the heart of my issues and gave me the insight and tools to take with me and use to get better. I owe more than I can express to this place. They are my family."


5 Star Rating

"I loved it there. I would recommend it. "


5 Star Rating

"Willnezz iz wat it takez 2 start. ]I fell off the trackz

My train deraied

I came n a complete mezz

Staff haz helped me fix my train

My train can now be on the trackz again

They hav helped me ride wit pride"

Though i may stop @ timez

I can alwayz call HSI

Believe me 4 they will move mountainz

Continue on u will c the sun rize"


5 Star Rating

"HSI gave me the opportunity to find myself. Helping me step by step and being patient with me. I'm grateful they gave me the chance to come out here."


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